Love Can Be Murder (2021)




It has been a (very) long time coming, but we’re absolutely delighted to announce our new album, Love Can Be Murder.

Production of the album was handled by Paul Tipler (Placebo, Julian Cope) and Stereolab’s Andy Ramsay.

It is a substantial piece of work, and is Lemora’s most ambitious musical undertaking to date. We’re very proud of it, and excited that it has reached this stage in what are extremely difficult times.

The album is made even more special by the musical contributions from Carina Winstone, Katy Fitz, Kevin Zwierzchaczewski, Ed Tuke, and Tom Marsden.

1. The Player
2. The Beginning of the End of The Western Dream
3. The Letter I Wanted To Write
4. End of the Century
5. Headphones
6. Pictures
7. Close to Evil
8. Late for the Last Time
9. Love Can Be Murder
10. I’ll Be With You Tomorrow

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Weight 150 g